Vanessa Fowler
The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation

Vanessa A Fowler OAM, Chairman of the Board of Directors, The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation and a Co-Chair of the Qld Government’s Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Council

Little did she know that in 2012, that her life would take such a drastic turn in horrific circumstances following the murder of her sister, Allison over 10 years ago.

Vanessa and her family are on a journey to educate and raise awareness of domestic and family abuse and has turned a tragic family circumstance into making a difference in the community The Foundation educates people to recognise the signs of domestic and family abuse and coercive control, and how to become an effective bystander, using tactics to intervene effectively.

Vanessa has been a guiding force in the formation of the Allison Baden-Clay Foundation, and is instrumental in coordinating the annual Strive To Be Kind Day in schools, businesses and community groups where she encourages others to share messages of kindness and respect.

In 2021, Vanessa was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for her service to community organisations and the Foundation has been inducted onto the Qld Government’s Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Honour Roll.  Vanessa was named as the 2019 Ipswich Citizen of the Year and the Queensland Winner of the Pride of Australia Medal.

As well as her work with the Foundation, Vanessa is also a member of several consultancy groups including:

  • University of Qld Vice Chancellors Sexual Misconduct and Prevention Advisory Group
  • Qld Equal and Together Alliance
  • Southern Qld Diocese of the Anglican Church - Domestic and Family Violence Working Group
  • Qld Govt Respectful Relationships Education Advisory Group
  • Qld Govt Integrated System Services Response Advisory Panel

 Vanessa inspires others through her resilience, determination and compassion ensuring that other families do not experience the same heartache and challenges that her family have endured over the last ten years.

Passionate about Empowering people to consciously contribute to the world around them by creating safe, equal and inclusive environments.

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